• MNC Pictures

    Since its establishment in 2005, MNC Pictures has already produced various high-quality programs covering drama series, theatrical movies, TV movies, variety shows, reality shows, music programming and documentaries. MNC Pictures’ programs have been broadcast on MNC’s 3 biggest FTA TV stations.

    In 2015, MNC Pictures produced 2 of the top 10 drama series: Preman Pensiun and TOP - Tukang Ojek Pengkolan. MNC Pictures also produced 3 Indonesian blockbuster movies that were viewed by over 1.3 million viewers: Di Balik 98 launched in January 2015, 3 Dara launched in September 2015 and SkakMat launched in November 2015.

  • MNC Animation

    The next stage of MNC’s in-house content strategy calls for the production of more children’s shows and animation, as well as programs with long-term franchise and intellectual property value. Satria Garuda BIMA-X, Indonesia’s first superhero series, is a prime example for the franchise strategy.

    This new division is led by a Chief Creative Officer who previously worked at Disney and Cartoon Network. In 2016, MNC Animation will produce season 2 of KIKO, a successful cartoon series that is among Indonesian viewers’ most anticipated animation programs.

  • Content Library

    Content library contains more than 300,000 hours and increasing by more than 15,000 hours per year.

  • MNC Channels

    Content business MNC Channels leverages the MNC programming library across the MNC-branded pay-TV channels. MNC Channels has consistently delivered excellent growth and financial performance.

    In 2015, MNC Channels launched two new channels: Auto&Gadget; and Games Channel. Operating a total of 21 channels, its other channels include MNC News, IDX Channels, MNC Infotainment, MNC Muslim, MNC Entertainment, MNC World News, Music Channel, Movie Channel, Drama Channel, Comedy Channel, MNC Lifestyle, MNC Fashion, Home Living, Health BEauty, Food & Travel, Kids Channel, Auto & Gadget, MNC Sports, Soccer Channel, Games Channel and Extreme Channel.

    By exclusively airing through the Company’s pay-TV platform, which is owned by MSKY via Indovision, TopTV and Okevision, MNC Channels commercialize MNC’s immense media library. Last year, this content library contained more than 300,000 hours of programming and it grows by more than 15,000 hours every year.

    Indovision’s top-20 channels for 2015 included 12 MNC Channels. In 2016, the Company will add 3 to 5 new channels in order to maximise the value of MNC’s content library.

  • Star Media Nusantara

    Previously known as MNC Talent Management when it was established in April 2005, Star Media Nusantara (SMN) is the largest artist management company in Indonesia. SMN discovers, develops, promotes, and manages talented artists.

    By the end of 2015, Star Media Nusantara has listed more than 300 artists including singers, bands, comedians, child stars, magicians and models under its management.

  • Innoform Media

    A distributor of edutainment and entertainment products that includes the development and licensing of children's edutainment products, sourcing of films/music, publishing and distribution, contents distribution and procurement.