• Just For Kids

    Just For Kids (JFK) magazine was launched in June 2010 targeting readers aged 5 to 12 years old in the middle to upper income group (ABC category). The magazine provides articles in the Indonesian language and several articles in English to enrich the children's knowledge, develop imagination, and build good character.

  • Highend

    HighEnd are premium monthly magazines published in English with high quality articles and information on lifestyle, fashion, and inspiring people under the motto "People, Luxuries and Beyond". The magazine was first launched in April 2008 targeting readers in the upper income class segment in Indonesia. HighEnd has a weekly program that is broadcasted on the pay-TV of MNC Sky Vision. In January 2010, HighEnd added 16 pages to discuss issues relating to Wealth Management. The new section contains articles related to business, management, and investment.

  • Highend Teen

    HighEnd Teen's motto is "Smart, Up-to-Date and Beyond". This exclusive magazine features interesting articles printed in English targeting youth from upper income class families.

  • Network!

    Network! Magazine is a monthly TV Guide magazine that contains information on your favorite program, monthly schedule, lifestyle and other newest information for Indovision Subscriber.

  • MNC Trijaya FM

    MNC Trijaya FM merupakan transformasi dari Trijaya FM yang sudah mengudara di era 90-an. Dengan format informasi sebagai menu utama dan musik sebagai selingan, MNC Trijaya FM hadir memberi warna baru dalam industri radio di Tanah Air.

    Sajian informasi MNC Trijaya, dikemas secara khas, beragam dan hanya menyajikan informasi penting bagi pendengarnya. Selingan lagu dan musik yang enak dan hits, membuat kami menjadi satu-satunya Radio Informasi yang Enak Didengar.

    Target pendengar MNC Trijaya adalah Profesional, Entrepreneur, dan Birokrat, usia 30-45 tahun dengan S.E.S ABC+. Kami menyapa pendengar dengan sebutan "Profesional MNC Trijaya" dengan Tagline "News, Information and Music dengan Corporate Tagline "The real news and information".

  • Global Radio

    Global Radio targets at the younger generation from the AB+ segment in the 25-35 age group in Jakarta and Bandung through Top 40. Global Radio’s offers more music and more information for listeners.

  • Radio RDI

    With approximately 3 million daily listeners, Radio Dangdut Indonesia is broadcast from 12 locations and its programming caters to the BCDE segments.

  • V Radio

    Since its launch in 2010, V-Radio has successfully drawn female listeners ages 25 to 40 under the AB segment. V-Radio features talk shows, news and information, and music for easy listening.

    V-Radio’s top 10 programs in 2015 were Morning Delight, Sova Siang, Rhythm N’ Breeze, Slow Jammin, V Book Club, V Classic Dance Beat, Vnomenal Music Moment, The World of Motherhood, Financial Talk and Etalase.