Social Commitment

As a holding company with business units operating in the media industry and focusing on content and advertising, MNC or the Company collectively integrates social responsibility activities. The activities are done together with its business units and Yayasan Jalinan Kasih (YJK), a charity foundation established by MNC Group.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities undertaken by the Company and Group
MNC independently conducts social responsibility activities benefiting infrastructure, communities and the education and religious sectors. Likewise, the Company encourages its major units to undertake CSR programs, through synergy and teamwork, in accordance with each units respective fields, such as:


  • Education sector, covering the following: media literacy education in Batam and Mataram or Lombok, media literacy activities hosted at RCTI, support for school facilities in Depok and public school foundation in Bogor;
  • Infrastructure sector, such as: support in the construction/repair of suspension bridges, school renovations in support of the Indonesian Homeland Expedition 2015;
  • Sports sector: donated to the football tournament activity in West Jakarta.


iNewsTV conducted a series of CSR activities focusing on media literacy in several universities in Mataram, Jakarta and Semarang.


  • Education sector: conducted media literacy education in Batam and Mataram/Lombok, hosted educational visits by schools and universities from across Indonesia [including SMK Multicom Depok, SMKN I Anjatan Indramayu, Tarumanegara University Jakarta, SMK Mhammadiyah I Bambanglipuro, IPB Bogor, Soediman University Purwokerto, Bhayangkara University Bekasi and Mercubuana University), organized a seminar on TV Journalism, and provided school supplies for needy children;
  • Religious sector: fund support for Maulid Nabi activities and donation of sacrificial animals;
  • Infrastructure: supported the construction of bridges and school renovations in line with activities of Indonesian Homeland Expedition 2015;
  • Community service: organized blood donations in Jakarta and free medical treatments in Tegal, Garut, Gorontalo, Bangka and Purwokerto.


  • Education sector: conducted media literacy education in Batam and Mataram/Lombok, hosted student visits from schools and universities across Indonesia (including National University Padang, SMAK Ma’arif from Boyolali, SMK PW Sukohardjo, Higher Education for National Police Staff and Management (Sespimti Polri), Communication Academy Radya Binatama (AKRB) Jogjakarta;
  • Religious sector: donation of sacrificial animals;
  • Infrastructure: support for bridge construction and school renovation in line with the Indonesian Homeland Expedition 2015 activities;
  • Community service: blood donation in Jakarta.

Social Responsibility Activities Undertaken by Yayasan Jalinan Kasih [YJK]
YJK was established to initially focus on health services. Today, the foundation continues to grow and has expanded into education. In keeping with the Company’s vision, all social responsibility activities undertaken by the Company, as well as YJK, are done as a team to ensure swiftness and high quality.

YJK has carried out several social activities in 2015, including:
- Community service for general medical and dental treatments in Lebak, Banten;
- Community service for general medical treatments in Maumere with Saint Maria Alumni;
- Mass surgery for treatment of hernia in Gombong, Central Java at General Hospital Muhammadiyah Gombong;
- Community service providing eyeglasses for nearsighted elementary children in Jakarta and Bekasi;
- Mass surgery for treatment of hernia in Cikarang, Bekasi; and
- Mass surgery for treatment of hernia in Sukabumi at Islam Asyiffa Hospital.

In organizing mass surgeries for treatment of cleft lips, YJK partnered with a number of hospitals across Indonesia to facilitate these surgeries, these were: