• MNC Pictures

    Since its establishment in 2005, MNC Pictures has already produced various high-quality programs covering drama series, theatrical movies, TV movies, variety shows, reality shows, music programs and documentaries. MNC Pictures is the largest in-house production house catering to MNC-owned national FTA TV stations.

    In 2017, MNC Pictures produced drama series “Dunia Terbalik” the most favorite drama. MNC Pictures also produced others chart topping drama series such as “Tukang Ojek Pengkolan”, “Cinta Dari Surga”, “Cahaya Hati”, and many more.

  • MNC Animation

    MNC Animation (MNCA) was established in Jakarta in November 2011. MNC Animation is one of the subsidiaries of MNC Group that focuses on developing IPs into animation production and related IP business. MNCA completed several animation series, such as "Entong" seasons 1 & 2 and "KIKO" pre-season. MNC Animation, has also partnered with SAMG, ZAGTOON and MAN OF ACTION to produce and launch "Zak Storm" in 2017. Meantime, MNC Animation's "KIKO" still maintains its reputation as the nation's most popular locally animated series.

    Through MNC Group's aggressive investment in expanding its animation arm, MNCA launched its first international project TV series called "KIKO" to the world. Currently the top-rated animated children's series on Indonesian Free-to-Air TV, KIKO quickly captured a lot of interest from the International market coming from different regions. Negotiations with major distribution partners are on-going.

  • MNC Contents

    MNC Media is the largest and the most integrated media group in Southeast Asia. As part of MNC Media, MNC Contents holds the largest private library in Southeast Asia with a collection of over 309.000 hours and growing by over 35,000 per year.

    MNC Contents has distributed contents to many countries in all kinds of forms such as Drama, Non Drama, Movies, Format, etc to all kinds of platforms such as Free to Air, Pay TV, VOD or OTT, and has been very successful in the parts of the world where they are broadcast.

    The contents consist of catalogued and new programs of various genres for all types of audience and holds worldwide rights to all kinds of media platform available.

    Our Channels are currently available in:

    - Singapore: STARHUB (MNC Channel, MNC Infotainment and IDX Channel)
    - Singapore: Singtel (Drama Channel)
    - Hong Kong: NOW TV (MNC Channel)

  • MNC Channels

    MNC Channels is part of MNC Media content business. MNC Channels leverages on the largest content library owned by MNC Media Group. MNC Channels has consistently delivered excellent growth and financial performance. MNC Channels currently operates 20 Pay-TV channels with a total audience share of 30%.

    MNC Channels is available both locally and internationally via Pay-TV, IPTV and OTT platforms.

  • Star Media Nusantara

    Previously known as MNC Talent Management when it was established in April 2005, Star Media Nusantara (SMN) is the largest artist management company in Indonesia. SMN discovers, develops, promotes, and manages talented artist.

    Star Media Nusantara has listed more than 300 artist including singers, band, comedian, child stars, magician, and models under its management.

  • Innoform Media

    A distributor of edutainment and entertainment products that includes the development and licensing of children's edutainment products, sourcing of films/music, publishing and distribution, contents distribution and procurement.