• RCTI +

    RCTI+ is a Digital Media. It was formed by MNC Group which presented to TV viewers and Non-TV viewers (Digital Media viewers). RCTI+ has a lot of Plus, such as watch RCTI Plus MNCTV and GTV, Plus Extras Show, and Plus Updated Info.

  • Okezone is an online news and entertainment portal that focuses on Indonesian readers both in Indonesia and abroad. has various content from general news, politics, events, international, economy, lifestyle, celebrity, sports, ball, auto, technology, Travel, Food, Hajj, Muslim, Coffee Shop, and Rubik Okezone. was officially launched as a news portal on March 1, 2007 and is the first online business of PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (MNC), the largest and most integrated media company in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia. is currently one of the top ranked most popular websites in Indonesia, and will continue to rise as more and more visitors access the site every day. There are still vast opportunities for growth as the number of internet users in Indonesia is expected to continue to grow significantly in the next few years.

  • is the online edition of Koran Sindo. A side from featuring articles from Koran Sindo, also provides access to regional content published in Koran Sindo’s local editions.

  • iNews Portal is a networked news portal composed of national news portal and regional portal, part of MNC Group. brings the vision of being an inspirational and informative national and regional news portal and has the mission of presenting news and online features that are readable, profound, accurate, attractive (multimedia base), also inspire anyone, anywhere, anytime. presents diverse content including national news (politics, law, megapolitan and events), international, economy, sports, lifestyle, automotive, technology, and travel. Various content was enriched with regional news from all over Indonesia in synergy with iNews television station.

    Various content is also in tune with all media coverage in MNC Group, such as RCTI, MNC TV, GTV, MNC Channel, Sindo Koran,,, and MNC Trijaya FM.

  • is a video sharing site in Indonesia. This site makes it easy for netizens to watch, upload and share videos that show their potential, talent and creativity. At, People can enjoy various entertaining content and unique programs including talent search, competitions, live streams from RCTI, MNCTV, GTV and iNews, plus various other events.

  • ROOV

    The Home of Your Favorite Audio Entertainment.
    Only with ROOV, you can listen to all radios in Indonesia. Besides, you can also listen to audio contents and your favorit podcasts. ROOV collects radio streaming according to your favorite genre. You can enjoy wide variety of genres and songs while on road, or doing your daily activities.

  • MCN

    MCN is an official partner of youtube that works with video platforms to offer assistance to a channel owner in area such as: content development, cross promotion, digital rights management, monetisation / sales and audience development.