Employees play a key role for the sustainability of the Company. Because of that, the Company is committed to nurturing its employees and ensuring that their health, safety, self-development and career needs are met. The role of the Company in maintaining employee safety is very important, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Company implements occupational health and safety policies to ensure the creation of a safe work environment, as well as provides various supporting facilities in the work environment to create a comfortable working environment. The Company has developed an OHS policy that requires strict implementation of health protocols in an effort to protect our employees from the COVID-19 virus. The Company organises OHS training to increase employee awareness of the importance of maintaining occupational health and safety.

The Company provides employees with employment and health social securities. The Company facilitates workers' access to treatment and health services outside of work by providing health insurance in the form of BPJS Health and an additional option in the form of MNC Life health insurance. The Company also offers health services and programs to address major non-work related health risks and overall improve the health of its employees.