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MNC to Become the Largest Media Company in Indonesia

JAKARTA - MNC Media currently continues to expand in Indonesia. The community has been getting familiar with the various programs of the MNC.

President Director of PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (MNCN) David Fernando Audy says, MNC currently ranked the largest media company in Indonesia. In fact, the achievements of plume has been achieved by RCTI.

"Our television, RCTI, is the number one especially in primetime. MNC is currently in good condition, of course with our serial drama namely is Dunia Terbalik grabbing 1 rating from 4 January until now average over 26%, "he said at the Grand Hyatt, Jakarta, Monday (6/3/2017).

MNC also will continue to be committed to being number 1 media in Indonesia. To that end, various innovations will continue to be done.

"Of course we are committed to continually be favorite TV, therefore we always innovate in launching programs and of course we trust the power of broadcaster company is in its inhouse production. Then it was 11 years ago we founded the MNC Pictures and current MNC Pictures became the sole provider of content to MNC owned by MNC Group; RCTI, MNC TV, Global TV, and of course INewsTV" he said.

Tonight, MNC held an investors gathering. Any variety of Entertainment presents to be given to investors. In fact, there is also a video playback to introduce MNC business units. Hopefully, these activities can impact to increase investor trust to Indonesia.

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