Thursday, 27 July 2017 09:01 wib
RCTI Won the Ship Award of Ramadhan Syiar 2017

JAKARTA - Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI) managed to bring home one award at Anugerah Syiar Ramadhan 2017 held by Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) in cooperation with Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI). One of the categories that was captured was the best Ramadan soap operas represented by the Reverse World set aside other religious soap operas programs such as Amanah Wali (RCTI), We Want to Be True (SCTV), God Seekers (SCTV) and God Give Us Love (SCTV) .

Chairman of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) Yuliandre Darwis said such awards are routinely given to Ramadan television shows that are considered the best and meet the element of quality impressions. According to him Ramadan impressions should be able to become a means of spiritual improvement of society amid the spectacle of Ramadan which has been more emphasizing the element of entertainment alone.

"We understand that the content of impressions that contain the nationality value is very minimal, whereas the content of Ramadan can place the value of the ability, exemplary and not a hoax," said Yuliandre.

Yuliandre added that the winners and impressions that fall into the category are the realization of the benchmark of society will be a good show and load the spirit of Ramadan. "Of course this so benchmarks how society appreciates the good impressions," he concluded.

In addition to the best soap operas category, there are six other categories given in Syiar Ramadan 2017 Award, such as lecture program category, talk show category, reality show category, feature or documentary category, talent search category, variety show until the best general television Award of Ramadhan Syiar  2017 .