Friday, 28 July 2017 15:57 wib
RCTI Won the Children Friendly Soap Opera Award

JAKARTA - The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) once again held the annual event, Anugerah Penyelaran Ramah Anak 2017. In collaboration with the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (KPPPA), KPI conducted an assessment on television shows for children category.

In the annual event, RCTI successfully brought the award of one trophy through soap operas Buyung Upik for Best Child Sinetron category. Buyung Upik episode 1 which had aired successfully defeated Rumah Cahaya, the episode of Sekolah Ibu Hati Ibu Pure (TVRI) and Rumah Cahaya, the episode of Panggung Fitri (TVRI).

"We are representing MNC Group Chairman, Mr. Hary Tanoesoedibjo, thanking us for the award, which is a testament to RCTI's commitment to showcasing quality children's programs and motivation for us to continue to issue better programs," said Rinno Fellini, Representatives of the MNC Group, on the way up to receive the award.

KPI realized that currently the influence of television media is very strong against the formation of the nature and character of children and adolescents. The nature of children who easily imitate both through idols and public figures that appear on television should be increasingly filtered with quality impressions.

The Child Friendly Broadcasting Award is a form of appreciation from KPI to broadcasting institutions that have worked hard to realize quality broadcasts for Indonesian children and adolescents.

There are five categories to be awarded. They are Child Animation, Feature / Documentary, Variety Show, Children's Music, and Children's Sinetron. The last two categories are new categories this year.

KPI hopes that in the future all television stations in Indonesia are committed to providing impressive and educational programs for Indonesian children. The goal is for Indonesian children to grow and become the next generation of the better nation.