Thursday, 14 September 2017 00:28 wib
MNC Group and National Defense Agencies (Lemhanas) Synergize to Build Nation and State

JAKARTA – MNC Group Chairman Hary Tanoesoedibjo received a visit from National Defense Agencies (Lemhanas) at MNC News Center, Central Jakarta.

The visit expected as a beginning of a collaboration between MNC Group with National Defense Agencies. “We are synergizing, collaborating to develop nation and state,” stated by Hary Tanoe, Wednesday (13/9/2017).

He stated that an active role from media is expected to support National Defense Agency performance.

As known, the media network that owned by MNC Group has four national television which are RCTI, MNCTV, GlobalTV and iNewsTV, also has Pay TV such as Indovision, Okevision, and Top TV.

For the press media, MNC Group owned Koran Sindo (Sindo Newspaper) and Sindo Weekly. Radio network which are Sindo Trijaya, RDI, Global Radio and V Radio. And also online media such as Okezone, Sindonews, and social media such as Me Tube.

On that afternoon, the group from National Defense Agencies invited to visit around MNC News Center which is located at Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta. Included news studio located on 8th and 10th floor.

They also tried to become news anchor in front of camera. “We think this is very incredible. The owned infrastructure. We also get some experience becoming a presenter, and it’s not easy though,” stated by National Defense Agencies main secretary, Irjen Pol Arif Wachyunadi.