Thursday, 14 September 2017 00:01 wib
Kiko 2nd Series Presence to Develop Animation in Indonesia

JAKARTA- Animated Series Kiko present as a proof that local animator could also provide a high quality cartoon. Based on exciting story, this MNC Animation’s cartoon has gained amazing interest from society.

Now, Kiko has entered the second season started from the end of August. Becoming an animation that loved by kids, Liliana Tanoesoedibjo as MNC Group Commissioner explained that the making of Kiko is actually start from overseas serial cartoon.

The success of overseas cartoon in Indonesia becomes the main trigger of Liliana in creating Kiko and friends character. From there, she hopes Indonesian kids could enjoy the serial that purely created by local animator.

“Our inspiration was from seeing a lot of overseas figures and character which came inside to Indonesia, and overseas animations,” explained by her when encountered on Meet and Greet Kiko Bubbletastic event in PIK Avenue, Penjaringan, North Jakarta, on Wednesday (13/9/2017).

“That inspired us. So it is like why don’t we create a strong character so we could supply our Homeland and also our children’s entertainment,” continued by her.

Liliana also has a strong mission to develop animation in Indonesia. She believes that there are many talented animators that able to create cartoon same as overseas cartoon.

“As we know the purpose is to develop animation in Indonesia. We are confident that Indonesia people able to create something with international standard. And we make Kiko as good as we could so it could equal with International animation,” continued by her.

Meanwhile, Meet and Greet Kiko Bubbletastic event will premiere since 7th September 2017 on Main Atrium PIK Avenue as a form of socialization to society that there will be a local made serial. The statement was stated directly by Liliana.

“This show is obviously for awareness. As we know, kids already know about Kiko, we also wanted parents and moms to know it too. With awareness we not only know about it but we also wanted Kiko liked and awaited by everyone,” explained by Liliana.

Kiko itself is an animation aired first time on 9th August 2017. Now Kiko has entered the second season which will be aired on 26th August 2017 on RCTI every Sunday on 09:00 Western Indonesia Time.