Tuesday, 19 September 2017 17:06 wib
National Counter-Terrorism Agency (BNPT) with MNC Media on Socialize Terrorism Prevent

JAKARTA - National Agency for Counter-Terrorism (BNPT) visit MNC Media office at Jalan Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta. This is a visit to the biggest media at South East Asia.

Chief of Coordination Forum on the Prevention of Terrorism (FKPT) Jakarta, Zaenal Musappa explained, right now his sides always anticipate the terrorism disaster that always haunt Jakarta.

“The National Agency for Counter-Terrorism only anticipate. The one that cracking could be from Densus 88, from there we also need the media role on helping socialize through news or our program,” stated by him at MNC News Center building, Tuesday (19/9/2017).

According to him, right now BNPT also collaborates with Press Council as media supervisor in Indonesia. Therefore Zaenal said that collaborating with media such as MNC Media to socialize BNPT so it can be known by society.

“We believe MNC could be a good partner, because MNC has an amazing network,” stated by him.

Besides, Director of News at Media Nusantara Citra(MNC Group), Arya Mahendra Sinulingga appeciate the BNPT on requesting MNC Media to contribute to socialize it to society.

“We consider that they will socialize, there is an other side of terrorism that will cause impact on victim that we have been forgotten due to many media showing the suspect and their interception,” stated by him.

Because of that, Arya said he will support BNPT on reducing the suspect’s interest on doing terrorism.

“Just now they said how to reduce or lower the rate so the terrorism rate will be lowered become more few. Especially for Jakarta which there is always a victim. And just now we agreed to help each other. We will try to help to socialize that the terrorism problem is not about religion but it is about crime against humanity,” explained by him.

According to Arya, the terrorism victim doesn’t addressed to whom, what religion, and what position. Therefore Arya stated in this thing MNC Media will help BNPT to overcoming it.

“We will show them that the impact of terrorism has an impact to people and every person can be the victim. Later we will try to create a program that will make people aware,” stated by him.

Furthermore, Republic of Indonesia Head of Press Council Yosep Adi Prasetyo that participated on the media visit explained, to prevent terrorism not only did by law enforcement but it need involvement from many sides included media.

“On preventing terrorism it is not only police concern. But it is all on us. In this 2017 Press Council collaborate together with BNPT for socialization accompany.

For that, he appreciated MNC Media by collaborate to help BNPT to prevent terrorism in this country.

“We know MNC is one of the biggest media group that own multi flat form. So MNC chosen to be visited by BNPT. Media should urge society to know the danger of terrorism and reminding the government on social gap that can cause terrorism,” stated by Yosep.