Tuesday, 19 September 2017 12:07 wib
MNC Animation Introducing Kiko Production to 60 Kindergarten Kids

JAKARTA - MNC Animation have a lot of ways to always introducing animation made by nation’s children that is competitive with overseas products. For that, MNC Animation introduce the process of creating animation to 60 kindergarten kids.

MNC Animation Head of Business Development Suhendra Wijaya said MNC Animation aims to introduce nation’s  childrens product, considering that animation in Indonesia is not well known.

“We introduce MNC Animation to 60 students from Madinah Islamic School K1(Kindergarten) because we want to show the kids that KIKO is made by MNC Animation,” said Suhendra Wijaya to Sindonews at MNC Studio Tower 2, Jakarta, Tuesday (19/9/2017).

On the introduction, MNC Animation will show the process of creating KIKO and Zack Storm. Considering both of that animation are product of MNC Animation.

“It’s one of our CSR program. We introduce Kiko and Zack Storm which are our products that will be released on November on RCTI because there are still many people that don’t know Kiko producer. So we open visit to MNC Animation so kids will know how is the creation process of Kiko,” he stated.

The visit expected could increase the animator in Indonesia because there are still few animators in Indonesia to enhance Indonesia creative product on animation.

“We present our video to  students and there will be a module and study tour to sixth and seventh floor. We engage Indonesian children to be more onward because animation in Indonesia is still limited,” he stated.