Wednesday, 27 September 2017 12:54 wib
Made Good Relationships with Indonesia, Malaysia’s Parliament Member visit MNC Group Editorial

JAKARTA – Bilateral relations always woven by Indonesia and Malaysia. This is required to keep the safety and stability between both of that neighbored country.

One proof that proven the good relationships can be seen from a trip to MNC News Center, Jakarta, by one of Malaysia’s Parliament member, Budiman Mohammad Zohdi. Budiman’s visit on today, Wednesday (27/9/2017), are welcomed by MNC Group editorial board.

On his visit, Budiman shares story about relationships between Malaysia and Indonesia nowadays. He also said President Joko Widodo visit agenda to Malaysia soon. President Jokowi scheduled to meet with Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Najib Razak, in the visit.

“Jokowi and Najib had a good relationship. Soon they will meet at Kuching,” stated by Budiman at MNC News Center building, Jakarta, Wednesday (27/9/2017).

Budiman explained Malaysia’s wish to have a good bilateral relationship with Indonesia. The Neighbor Country wishes that they could strengthen their diplomacy through people to people relationships at Indonesia. This is necessary so the problem that often happened between both countries can be solved using good approach.

“Malaysia wanted to have a good relationship with Indonesia through people to people initiative. So Malaysian and Indonesian could handle it through a friend to friend, before the government to government,” explained by him.

Through this, continued by Budiman, Malaysian government hope this could prevent trouble so it will not get bigger. For example like troubles that happened on SEA Games 2017 held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He hopes that kind of big trouble will not happen again.

“Finish it through a friend to friend. If possible the trouble solved at the beginning. Not until happening a demonstration. It is better,” stated by him.

Through that concept, good relationships not only wanted to be woven by both of the countries. Budiman’s visit to MNC Group editorial also to be able to gather media on Indonesia.

“Hopefully this relationship could always be woven. Malaysia wanted to keep in touch with media at Indonesia,” stated by him.



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