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MNC Group responds to the announcement on local newspapers, dated 16th January 2014

Jakarta, Indonesia – 20th January 2014

MNC Group responds to the announcement on local newspapers, dated 16th January 2014, made by a party claiming to be Directors and Shareholders of MNCTV.

The announcement stated that PT. MNC Tbk (MNCN) does not have any legal basis to acknowledge the 75% ownership of MNCTV. Futhermore, such party also warns anyone, including MNCN, to not claim and perform any activities as the director and commissioner of MNCTV.

Responding to this announcement, Group President & CEO Hary Tanoesoedibjo said:

“We do not acknowledge the false and misleading announcement made by the party claiming as the Board of Directors and Shareholders of MNCTV. MNCN will immediately file a criminal charge to the police of the parties that were involved in making such announcement.

“MNCN is the legal and the rightful owner of MNCTV and will continue to operate the station as usual. I want to reiterate that MNCN is a third party and is not involved in the lawsuit. This case is directly between PT. Berkah Karya Bersama (PT. Berkah) and Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana et al.

“Even though this case is not related to MNCN, our understanding is that PT. Berkah will file an appeal in the form of Judicial Review to overturn the recent ruling by the Supreme Court. Additionally, PT. Berkah is also in the process of arbitration through Indonesian National Board of Arbitration (BANI), where the parties agreed to hold all disputes according to the original agreement. Therefore, the Court actually has no jurisdiction to try disputes between parties bound
by an arbitration agreement.”

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