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Support Government to Increase 'Wisman' Visits, MNC Group will hold MITE 2019

People's interest in tourism can be said to be growing. This can be seen with the increasing number of people who go abroad for a vacation. So it is not wrong if the government, through the Ministry of Tourism, targets the number of foreign tourists (Wisman – Wisatawan Mancanegara) visiting Indonesia to increase up to 20 million people.

Seeing this, MNC Group, as the largest and integrated media group in Southeast Asia, realizes that it has an important role to play in increasing tourism in Indonesia. Therefore, MNC Group plans to hold “The First ‘5-in-1’ Traveltainment Expo” entitled “MNC International Traveltainment Expo 2019” or can be abbreviated MITE 2019 to increase tourist visits.

MITE 2019 applies the concept of the G2G/G2C/G2B/B2B/B2C Networking Meeting. In this event, quality local and international tourism industry players will converge, learn, and share their interests, needs, and ambitions about the world of tourism. This new event will be held for 3 (three) days, 4-6 October 2019, and located at the Pullman Central Park Hotel, West Jakarta.

“MITE 2019 is part of MNC Group’s efforts to support the government program that targets 20 million foreign tourists (Wisman) visits. Hopefully, this event could become an event that could attract tourists, both from foreign and domestic so that the country income would increase,” said Syafril Nasution as Head of Coordinator MITE 2019 when Okezone met on the sidelines of the pre-launching event, Wednesday (7/31/2019) at MNC News Center Building 3rd Floor, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta.                     

On occasion, Syafril said MNC Group would fully support the government in attracting foreign tourists (Wisman) visiting. At this time, the number of foreign tourists (Wisman) visiting Indonesia is still lost to Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines, even though tourist destinations in Indonesia can be said to be more attractive than these countries.

“We will promote this MITE 2019 event through business units starts from TV, radio, online portals, magazines, and newspapers. I hope the number of tourists could reach the target. For that reason, through this event, we also attract hotels, travel bureaus, and airlines to participate,” said Syafril.

Meanwhile, in the pre-launching event, a number of invited guests who were tourism doers also attended to listen to the exposure of the MITE 2019 event. It starts with airlines, hotels, transportation service providers, cruises, travel agents, tour operators, and tourism boards originating from foreign and domestic.

The goal is to make Indonesia a choice of the top destination for foreign travelers. In addition, it is to lifting various tourist destinations in the international arena.

Later, MITE 2019 will be held with a different concept, so it is not like a travel fair in general. The framework of events consisted of exhibitions, entertainment, talk shows, and performances from various regions, which made the atmosphere livelier. There are also performances from capital artists, travel bloggers, vloggers, and influencers, which are very interesting and interactive.


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