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Officially Announced the MNC Infotainment Office, HT: Let's Build To Be Number 1

JAKARTA, – Chairman MNC Group Hary Tanoesoedibjo (HT) announced the MNC Infotainment Indonesia (Star Pro) office at iNews Center, Jakarta. This new office is intended to unite employees under the Star Pro that had been located separately.

With this new office that is expected to unite all employees, communication can be faster, cooperation more compact, and the effects can be better.

“Let's build MNC Infotainment to be number 1,” HT said when giving a speech at the officially announced of the office, Friday (9/8/2019).

HT said that the challenge of infotainment in the future is to provide a variety of products for different platforms, also for conventional television, subscription television, and digital product needs.

HT hopes that creativity would continue to develop following the times. “Today, creativity must be done. Who is not creative will be left behind,” he said.

According to HT, currently, the world is accelerating along with technological advancements. Retail was replaced by online shopping; travel agents were replaced by online travel services, so anyone who couldn't keep up would be left behind.

The creativity needed now is a creativity that leads to digital. Related to this, soon, MNC Group will launch RCTI Plus, OTT specifically for live streaming of four MNC Group TVs.

Through this OTT, if there are viewers who have missed not watching their favorite shows, then the shows can be played and watched again. In addition, there is original content, behind the scenes, bloopers, and so on.

With a 40 percent audience share or around 100 million TV viewers who have been loyal viewers of 4 TV MNC Group, it can become a potential visitor to this OTT. This is believed to be a new contributor to the huge revenue for MNC Group.

For this reason, HT asked Starpro to be able to take advantage of RCTI Plus.

In addition, HT emphasized the importance of speed, so we're not left behind. The depth of information is also important to be more interesting. If it's just a snapshot of information, the results are the same as social media.


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