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MNC Pictures Held Screening of Gober's Comedy Series which Tells about the Struggle of Ojek Drivers

JAKARTA - MNC Pictures always tries to present interesting shows, especially during prime time moments, for the good of entertaining RCTI’s loyal viewers. After the success of ‘Preman Pensiun’ and ‘Tukang Ojek Pengkolan’ (TOP), MNC Pictures presents another a comedy drama titled Gober.

For TOP loyal viewers, of course they are familiar with ‘Gober’, known as the name of the online vehicles application in the series. Superintendent at the same time creative director of the comedy drama ‘Gober’, Aris Nugraha, admitted that he had long enough to do a crossover in the drama series that he created, namely ‘Preman Pensiun’‘Tukang Ojek Pengkolan’, to ‘Gober’.

“In 2015 I released ‘Preman Pensiun’ after a vacuum, which was in January 2015. In April 2015, there was followed TOP. This is important in the history of television stations in Indonesia. The character of the TOP casts entered ‘Preman Pensiun’ was Ani. She entered as Kang Bahar’s family,” said Aris Nugraha when met at the watching together and celebration for premiere show at ‘Gober’ series, in Lebak Bulus area, South Jakarta, Monday (9/12/2019) night.

“After ‘Preman Pensiun’ is finished, there are several other characters in ‘Preman Pensiun’ who entered TOP through Ani. So this is the first time in Indonesia for a crossover TV series,” he added.

After producing ‘Preman Pensiun’, he was also known to bring several pickpockets characters in the series to play in ‘Awas Ada Copet’ and ‘Tukang Ojek Pengkolan’. Until finally, Gober became a cross from the serial ‘Tukang Ojek Pengkolan’.

“From ‘Preman Pensiun’, there were known pickpocket characters at that time. Then they released their story as a series, ‘Awas Banyak Copet’, it was called spin  off. Then from TOP, some online drivers had their own serial name. It is ‘Gober’," he explained.

Aris revealed, this method was new to television in Indonesia. In fact, the serial ‘Preman Pensiun’‘Awas Banyak Copet’‘Tukang Ojek Pengkolan’, and ‘Gober’, looks like a universe like a movie produced by Marvel. He even leaked that ‘Preman Pensiun’ will be ready to air again in April 2020.

“So we have a new history that is more or less the same as Marvel, the only universe of TV series in Indonesia,” he said.

“This is a pride for us, so the TV series are mixed. In the future, InsyaAllah, in prime time, there will be three programs for us in April. There will be ‘Preman Pensiun’TOP and ‘Gober’," he said. ‘Gober’ is a comedy show that tells the life struggle of online-based vehicles drivers. Not only in charge of satisfying the customers, ‘Gober’ comedy that airs every day starting at 16:30 WIB will also contain interesting conflicts, including family matters and the love of the main characters.

Call him Beben (Arbani Yasiz) who will try to get Karina’s love (Arifah Lubai). Even so, in the premiere show, it will appear the figure of Savana (Syahra Larez), a management major student who has just broken up from her boy friend.

In addition there are also family conflicts, when Beben who is a last grade student college majoring in sociology, chose to become an online vehicles driver. In fact, his parents did not agree, and wanted his son to work in an office.


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