• Visited MNC & Met HT, Head of Omnibus Law Task Force Rosan Roeslani Intensified Socialization & Absorbed Aspirations

    26 May 2020

    JAKARTA - The government has submitted a draft of the Omnibus Law Bill. If approved by the House of Representatives, it is hoped that this law will improve the investment climate and employment.

    “It is already in the House of Representatives and of course improvements are still being made. We want this process to be transparent and involving all stakeholders so that it can really improve the investment climate, increase investment, and create jobs in accordance with the expectations in the law itself, as well as strengthening MSMEs in the future,” said the Head of the Omnibus Law Task Force Rosan Roeslani during a visit to iNews Tower, Jakarta, Thursday (2/27/2020).

    Rosan hopes that when the House of Representatives approves this law, it will bring the aspirations of all stakeholders.

    Currently, he continues to socialize, absorb aspirations and listen to input from various parties to make improvements.

    “Even though this is already in the House of Representatives, it is still very open for us to continue to improve. Because we also want this process to be transparent and involve all stakeholders,” he said.

    It involves academics, associations, confederations and all stakeholders. On the other hand, call centers, websites have also been prepared and socialization will be carried out to big cities.

    “We have to see it in perspective, what is the purpose of this Draft Bill of Cipta Kerja? The goal is that we all know it is to build a better Indonesian economy, create jobs so that the number of unemployment decreases. This is to increase their income as well as to attract investment to Indonesia so that economic growth can be better,” said Executive Chairman of MNC Group, Hary Tanoesoedibjo.

    As long as the Constitution leads to these matters, said Hary, the Omnibus Law must be supported.

    “If the main goal of each of the articles is to create a better economy, generate more employment, improve the income of the society, support the growth of the economy, we must support,” he said.

    Hary added MNC Media will help socialize this Bill draft to a wider community.

    Source : www.okezone.com