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SMN Artists Shares Love in Orphanage

JAKARTA - A series of artists from Star Media Nusantara (SMN) visited the Hati Suci (Sacred Heart) Orphanage to share the love of Christmas. They shared love through a series of hymns they sang together.

"Sharing is not always in the form of material thing but we share the joy with people here," said Abby "Junior Idol" at Hati Suci Orphanage, Jakarta, Monday (12/20/2015).

Not only artists, a number of children from the orphanage also showed their talents. Melissa Idol Junior revealed her admiration, "They are so talented such as playing guitar," she said.

As Managing Director, Lina Priscilla also expressed the joy she felt directly. Lina hopes SMN’s artists can entertain people and share with others.

"Obviously we are happy with this visit. As talent management, we have been entertaining public on television and at events but we now are entertaining children there," said Lina.

A number of artists who shared the love in the event titled SMN With Love were Bastian, Romaria, Sonny and Rendy "Raising Star", Melisa, Melita, and Abby "Idol Junior".

Toyib Abdullah/Gaby Oksavira
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