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MNCTV Successfully Enlivened New Year in Gemilang 2016

JAKARTA - MNCTV successfully held New Year: Gemilang 2016 concert in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Jakarta on Thursday, December 31, 2015. This concert is the culmination of the annual event that is annually organized by MNCTV. Wali Band performances directly sang three songs as the beginning of Gemilang 2016.

After Wali band, there is the appearance of energetic Duo Sabun Colek, Band Dadali, Saipul Jamil, Wika Salim and Maydut.

The festive event was not finished yet. Wali shook the stage of Gemilang 2016 with its flagship song Bang Toyib. The stage was swayed by Wali.

Gemilang 2016 presented the new performance. One of them was Wali Band. The band member swapped places. Apoy became vocalist and Faang became guitarist, both sang Emang Dasar.

After a four-hour concert, Gemilang 2016 finally closed with Merinding song. The song was sung by 2Racun Youbi Sister and the appearance of fireworks and firecrackers which marks the New Year.

Toyib Abdullah/Gaby Oksavira
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