Sunday, 17 January 2016 16:58 wib
Raisa and Afgan Are so Romantic on Music of the Day (MOTD)

JAKARTA - Holding hands, Afgan and Raisa closed the concert Music of the Day (MOTD), Sunday (17/01/2016). They both looked romantic while singing Percayalah.

Afgan be dressed in a suit seem masculine while Raisa with flower dress looked so graceful. Strong chemistry between them made this duet became sweeter.

MOTD concert began with Rizky Febian with Kesempurnaan Cinta song. His melodious voice enlivened the atmosphere of the stage.

Then the event continued with the performance of Jebe & Petty sang Could It Be Love. Afgan who sang Knock Me Out and Raisa with LDR further enlivened MOTD concert.

This music concert was enlivened by Raisa, Afgan, Rizky Febian, Ayu Dewi, Fadi Iskandar, Kezia Karamoy, and Jebe & Patty. This event was broadcast live by RCTI from Studio 18 Global TV on Sunday (01/17/2016). The concert successfully made the fans of Afgan and Raisa happy.

<span 14px;"="">Toyib Abdullah/Gaby Oksavira
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