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Iwan Fals Enlivened #ILoveRCTI27 Concert

JAKARTA - In few days, Indonesian pride television station, RCTI, will celebrate its 27th birthday. By the turn of the age, RCTI will hold concert titled I Love RCTI 27 at Monday (15/8/2016)

Concert that held in RCTI complex was directly opened by Iwan Fals performance. Indonesia’s legendary solosit open the concer with his song Umar Bakri.

“Happy 27th birthday for RCTI. Happy 17th birthday too for OI. Happy 71st birthday also for Indonesia. Freedom!” said Iwan Fals after sang Umar Bakri.

Next, Iwan continues his performance by singing Surat Untuk Wakil Rakyat. Although it just opened, but the concert was festive with Iwan brought that two songs.

Hundreds of people kept yelling and screaming to welcome Iwan. They also sang along to accompany Iwan sang that two songs.

On the other side, I Love RCTI 27 was one of a series to celebrate RCTI’s birthday on 21st August 2016. Except Iwan Fals, this concert that broadcasted by RCTI aslo enlivened by Nidji, Wali, and Trio Macan.

Muniroh/Gaby Oksavira
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