• Indonesia CSR Award (ICA) and Indonesia SDGs Award (ISDA) 2023 Held, MNC Group Also Wins 5 Awards

    07 June 2024

    The Corporate Forum for CSR Development (CFCD) is holding the 2023 Indonesia CSR Award (ICA) and Indonesia SDGs Award (ISDA) again on December 4 2023 at the Westin Hotel, South Jakarta. CFCD wants to make a positive contribution through these activities which are in line with world developments on sustainability issues, spreading knowledge, understanding, paradigms, concepts and Business Practices in relation to sustainable development.

    The ICA and ISDA awards were attended by several state-owned companies, private companies and CSR activist institutions in Indonesia as well as individuals. This year, ICA participants for corporates/institutions consisted of 32 companies and individual participants consisted of 9 people. Meanwhile, ISDA participants consisted of 101 companies and 14 individuals. There are 72 ICA Programs including Individuals and 172 ISDA Programs including Individuals.

    SNI ISO 26000:2013 is used as an assessment guide in organizing the Indonesia CSR Award (ICA). The Social Responsibility Guide is a reference and ideal practice in carrying out organizational operations (companies/agencies/institutions) and has even become a strategy that must be implemented so that organizations can develop sustainably and in harmony with all stakeholders. This international standard is intended to help organizations and companies contribute to sustainable development, going beyond legal compliance, and fulfilling applicable laws is an important part of social responsibility.

    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a global call and action to ask world stakeholders to immediately act to end poverty while improving health and education, reducing inequality, and overcoming climate change. ISDA gives appreciation to the business world and non-governmental institutions/organizations which are considered to play an active role and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, through activities in achieving the SDGs, therefore, just like CSR, appreciation is also needed in the form of holding the Indonesia SDGs Award (ISDA).

    Ir. Thendri Supriatno, MBA, as General Chair of CFCD, as General Chair of CFCD said that the company's CSR Program and SDGs Program are very strategic company activities in ensuring the company's sustainability. Therefore, it is very important to carry out an appreciation event for this program. Appreciation for both the ICA and ISDA Awards programs will be held in the same series of events. As appreciation, it is given to the business world, including corporate partner institutions that have programs or activities in an effort to fulfill their social responsibilities and contribute to achieving the 2030 SDGs Goals.

    Chair of the 2023 ICA and ISDA Assessment Committee, Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Hardinsyah, MS said, the objectives of ICA and ISDA 2023 are: First, Encouraging the Integration of CSR Implementation based on SNI ISO 26000:2013 as a Guide to Social Responsibility and SDGs in Indonesia into company operational activities. Second, Give awards/appreciation to organizations (companies/institutions) that have implemented the best CSR and SDGs practices (Best Practice) of the Company. Third, provide feedback recommendations to participants to improve the integration of sustainable implementation of CSR Social Responsibility and the Company's SDGs Program. Fourth, build and improve the company's image. Fifth, provide inspiration and motivation to organizations (companies/institutions) in implementing CSR and SDGs best practices.

    In the 2023 Indonesia SDGs Award (ISDA), MNC Group also won the award for The Most Committed Corporate to SDGs through 5 programs, namely:

    1. Initiatives/Activities and Actions to Prevent and Overcome Stunting: Healthy, Stunting-Free Generation towards a Golden Indonesia 2045
    2. Participation and Opportunities for Women to Lead Companies: MNC Cares about Gender Equality
    3. Social Protection & Rehabilitation for Vulnerable Communities: Together with MNC Cares for Health for Indonesia
    4. Liquid Waste Processing within the Company: MNC Center towards Zero Office Waste
    5. Land Conservation: Together with MNC Cares to Green Indonesia

    Receiving this award, Chairman of MNC Peduli, Syafril Nasution, said that his party was proud of the appreciation received from the Indonesia SDGs Award (ISDA) 2023. "This award is an encouragement for us to carry out sustainable social activities that have an impact on the wider community and the surrounding environment to make it even better. in the future," said Syafril Nasution.