• La Tofi School of Social Responsibility Holds IGA 2024, MNC Group Wins 8 Awards

    07 June 2024

    THE AWARDING of the 15th Indonesia Green Awards initiated by the La Tofi School of Social Responsibility was held on Wednesday 17 January 2024 evening at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. In this event, MNC Group was one of the various institutions that received this award.

    Apart from that, a number of figures also won the title of EcoStar of the Year and the Rising EcoStar. The organizer and also Chairman of the La Tofi School of Social Responsibility, La Tofi, said that this event was held as a celebration for environmental activists from companies and figures in Indonesia.

    "The Indonesia Green Awards 2024 is a platform for giving awards for the environmental initiatives they carry out, so that all components, especially companies, carry out social responsibility in the environmental sector well and bring changes to improve environmental conditions," said La Tofi.

    "That's today we celebrate what everyone is doing for our beloved earth and everyone is sharing experiences about what must be done and to improve the programs that must be carried out in the future, so this is our civil society effort to encourage community life and environmental life, which is what we are doing ," he said.

    Among these companies, institutions and figures, MNC Group through MNC Peduli also received appreciation for its contribution to the environment.

    "And we are also happy that the MNC group is part of this event and they also did extraordinary things registering in 8 categories and getting the award as "The Ultimate" in the 2024 Indonesia awards," said La Tofi.

    "Success for MNC in continuing to do its best for the environment and Indonesian people," said La Tofi.

    Deputy General Chairperson of MNC Peduli, Jessica Tanoesoedibjo, revealed that the MNC Group, through MNC Peduli, continues to strive to increase the company's contribution to the environment.

    "Through a number of environmental programs such as alleviating waste (organic, non-organic and liquid) in office areas, planting tens of thousands of trees and a number of other programs, we hope to have an impact on environmental sustainability," said Jessica.

    Furthermore, Jessica expressed her gratitude for the award she had won.

    “We are very proud and grateful that our small steps have received appreciation. "Hopefully this will encourage us to continue to improve programs that have an impact on the environment and society at large," he said.

    Meanwhile, Sonny Sukada as the Assessment Team revealed the assessment criteria for this award event.

    "We assess how each company takes the initiative to create a program that has a social and environmental impact by looking at the input, process resources to output to impact and no less important is how to build the program in collaboration, of course from planning to measurement," he said.

    For further information, you can visit the IndonesiaGreenAwards.com site.

    Source: Okezone.com