Thursday, 05 March 2015 18:05 wib
Beauty of Miss Indonesia 2015 to be Inspiration This Mobile Design


- Beauty and elegance of Miss Indonesia, Maria Harfanti was successful mobile brands from Indonesia inspired this one. Return want to gain success after launching Advan S5J a few time ago, this phone finally re-introduce its newest product which is very pretty and thin is Advan S5J +.

"After I use this smartphone, it can be concluded that the advan S5J + is Technology with Beauty. In addition to having the technology in above average, this smartphone has a very elegant and beautiful. In addition, the metal case is also very soft, shape too slim once so it is very fitting when taken anywhere and used anytime, "said Maria Harfanti, Miss Indonesia 2015 when met at Locanda Food Voyager, Jakarta, Thursday (05/03/2015).

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