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Play Media is Ready to Compete in Bandung

BANDUNG - MNC Group expands its business by opening new businesses in the wired world. Branch Manager of PT MNC Kabel Mediacom, F Edwin Sukisman accompanied by Marketing Communication of PT MNC Kabel Mediacom, Faizullaetsi, said its new business is in the form of Play Media "We already market this new business for three months," Edwin said during a visit to Radar Bandung office on Tuesday (8/11).

According to Edwin, in Bandung, Play Media is very great. "Market in Bandung is very promising and we balanced with our products that are ready to satisfy customers in Bandung," said Edwin.

"In fact, the response of the citizens of Bandung is very nice. Moreover, they ask about the opening of Play Media network in their areas." Edwin continued.

Edwin added that competition in the wired world in Bandung was very tight, both in pay tv, internet cable and others. "But the chances are still not optimal. The advantage of Play Media compared to competitors is in the outstanding service," said Edwin.

Toyib Abdullah / Gaby Oksavira

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