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MNC Pictures Releases Surat Cinta untuk Kartini Teaser Poster - In 2016, there will at least two films that bring up the story about Raden Adjeng Kartini. One is the latest film from MNC Pictures, Surat Cinta untuk Kartini (Love Letter for Kartini). The film was directed by Kinoi Azhar Lubis and starring Chicco Jerikho and newcomer Rania Putri Sari.

Recently, MNC Pictures has released the teaser poster of Surat Cinta untuk Kartini. In the poster, Chicco Jerikho who plays as Sarwadi is standing face to face with Rania Putri Sari as Kartini.

Surat Cinta untuk Kartini is about Sarwadi, postman from Jepara. His job then makes Sarwadi often met with Kartini. Then, Sarwadi falls in love with Kartini. He loves Kartini more because of her personality. Although Kartini is a descendant of Javanese nobility, she still cares for low class society. Kartini is helper, not arrogant, and attentive so that Sarwadi deeply falls in love.

Besides Rania Putri Sari and Chicco Jerikho, the film is also starring Ayu Dyah Pasha, Maya Putri, Ence Bagus, Keke Harun, and Lukman Sardi who also the producer of this film. The scenario is written by Vera Varidia.

Toyib Abdullah/Gaby Oksavira
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