• MNC Pictures

    Since its establishment in 2005, MNC Pictures has produced various programs with quality content in the form of dramas, including films, movies made for television, drama series, and animation for the three MNC Group’s entertainment FTA stations. In 2013, one of MNC Pictures' programs, called 'Entong', was nominated for the Best 3D Animation Program and in 2014 produced the film ""7/24"”, which was launched at the end of November 2014 and managed to become part of the 10 highest grossing films of 2014.

    MNC Pictures is also the production house that creates leading national drama titles in the nation such as, Ikatan Cinta, Tukang Ojek Pengkolan, Dunia Terbalik, and many others

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  • MNC Animation

    Established May 2011 in Jakarta, MNC Animation (MNCA) focuses on developing IPs into animation production and related IP businesses. MNCA completed several animation series, such as “Entong” seasons 1 and 2, and “KIKO” pre-season and seasons 1 and 2.
    MNC Animation’s “KIKO” has maintained its status as the nation’s most popular locally animated series and gained tremendous interest from different regions in the international market. Set under the sea, this award-winning TV series revolves around the character of a mutated goldfish named KIKO. Upon its TV debut in 2016, KIKO received the “Panasonic Gobel Award” for the Best Kid and Animation Program. In 2017. it won the Favorite Local Children Animation program during the “Indonesian Television Awards”. Then in 2018, KIKO once again received the “Panasonic Gobel Award”.
    In January 2020. MNC Animation shall release its first theatrical animation movie “TITUS – Mystery of the Enygma”.
    MNCA is currently in the development stage for new IPs, which among others include “Titus Series”, “Dinda & Novi” and “BIMA-animation series”.

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  • StarHits

    StarHits is a Digital media company that provides services, in terms of creating, distributing, managing, monetization of content. We do so by executing content production, managing video distribution, providing comprehensive insights from every available source, and helping to find influencers that suit your needs and negotiate them assisted by our certified Account Strategist. In 2019, Star Hits was awarded with MCN (multi-channel network) by Youtube.

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  • MNC Film Indonesia

    MNC Film Indonesia produces box office quality films for cinemas through in-house production, co-production, film production funding and national film distribution.

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  • Asia Media Production

    Asia Media Productions (AMP) is a joint venture company between PT MNC Studio International Tbk and Triwarsana. The production house is currently the largest content provider of independent reality in Indonesia. In 2019, AMP produced over 1,100 hours of reality programs, which represents 37% market share.
    Since its establishment in mid-2018, AMP has produced numerous top reality programs, such as Bedah Rumah, Uang Kaget, Penghuni Rumah Terakhir, Tantangan Satu Malam, Studio Impian, Hati Sang Bidadari, D’Power of Emak-Emak, and many more.
    On another positive note, in 2019, the program “Bedah Rumah” was awarded with the most favourite reality program at the Panasonic Gobel Award 2019 and Indonesian Television Awards 2019.

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  • StarPro

    As a production house, Starpro produces infotainment for MNC Group FTA TV (RCTI, MNCTV, GTV and iNews) and infotainment channel on pay-TV platforms. Producing over 1,200 hours of infotainment content in 2019, Starpro became the most productive infotainment producer with 32% market share.
    Starpro produced programs such as Go Spot, Barista, Obsesi, Seleb on News, Mom & Kids, Celebvaganza, Celebrity & Chef and Paparazi Passport.

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