Hary Tanoesoedibjo - President Director (Acting) 

Hary Tanoesoedibjo

An Indonesian citizen born in Surabaya in 1965, Hary Tanoesoedibjo has served as President Commissioner of PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk since 30 September 2016, by the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, set forth in the Deed of Meeting Decisions No. 70 dated 30 September 2016.

He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada in 1988, and MBA from Ottawa University, Canada in 1989.

He is the founder, controlling shareholder and Executive Chairman of MNC Group, which focuses on three business
activities: Media, Financial Services, and Lifestyle Property.

He directly oversees PT Global Mediacom Tbk, the largest and the most integrated media group in South East Asia. Global Mediacom is the parent company of PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk or MNC which has 4 national FTA televisions: RCTI, MNCTV, GTV, iNews, the largest portal Okezone.com, Sindonews.com and iNews.id as well as various digital platforms including its famous streaming service called RCTI+. MNC also produces the largest content and owns the largest content library and talent management (www.mnc.co.id).

Global Mediacom is also the parent company of PT MNC Vision Networks Tbk (MVN) which owns the largest Subscription TV providers with the brand MNC Vision and K-Vision, the third largest IPTV and broadband operation called MNC Play. MVN also operates the largest OTT service called Vision+ (www.mncvisionnetworks.com).

In financial services, he oversees PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk, the financial holding company that owns a number of subsidiaries in the financial sectors: MNC Bank, MNC Life, MNC Insurance, MNC Finance, MNC Leasing, MNC Sekuritas, MNC Asset Management and SPIN (Smart Payment Indonesia), a financial technology platform in the area of e-money, e-wallet and digital remittance (www.mncfinancialservices.com).

The last group he oversees is PT MNC Land Tbk, the parent company of subsidiaries focusing on lifestyle property
development and hospitalities. Its portfolio includes several office buildings and hotels in Jakarta & Surabaya as well as the most prestigious entertainment & lifestyle projects in Indonesia, such as MNC Lido City, MNC Bali Resort, Park Hyatt Jakarta, and The Westin Resort & Convention Centre in Bali (www.mncland.com).

He also serves as the Chairman of the Indonesian Futsal Federation (FFI) and the Indonesian Billiard Association (POBSI).

As a prominent entrepreneur, he actively interacts with the government and parliament in economic matters and regularly gives speeches at various national and international media events, as well as general lectures in hundreds of universities across Indonesia covering entrepreneurship and management.

Valencia Herliani Tanoesoedibjo - COO

Indonesian citizen, born in Jakarta in 1993. 

Currently, she serves as the Director of PT MNC Studios International Tbk (2017-present), Director of PT MNC Digital Indonesia (2015-present), Chief Executive Officer of PT Produser Pangan Asia (2016-present), Chief Executive Officer of The F Thing (PT Nusantara Sarana Outlet) (2017- present), Managing Director of GTV (2019-present), and Managing Director of RCTI+ (2019-present).

Previously, she served as as Fashion Buyer & Advisor of PT Megah Arta Semi (2003-2019).

She earned Master of Arts in Communication Management degree from University of Technology, Sydney in 2014 and Bachelor of Arts - English & Film Studies degree from University of Sydney in 2013.
There is direct affinity between Valencia Herliani Tanoesoedibjo, and Hary Tanoesoedibjo as family members.

Kanti Mirdiati Imansyah - Director

Kanti Mirdiati Imansyah

An Indonesian citizen born in 1966, Kanti Mirdiati Imansyah was appointed Director during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on April 29, 2013, as stated in the Meeting Decree No. 139 dated April 29, 2013. Her main responsibility is to ensure that the Company’s business operations run fluidly.

A professional with top experience in the world of television advertising, she began her career as an Account Executive (AE) at PT Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI) in 2000. A year later, she joined Trans TV but
in 2002, she rejoined RCTI as its Head of Acquisition. After a year, she joined TV7 as AVP for Sales & Marketing. Her outstanding career in the television advertising sales sector brought her back to the Company as Director of Sales and Marketing for PT Cipta Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia (MNCTV) in 2006. She returned to RCTI as Director of Sales and Marketing in 2010. Since 2012, she has been serving as President Director RCTI.

She graduated from IFS San Diego, USA in 1989 with an Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising. In that same year, she completed her Bachelor of Science Degree at La Jolla Academy of Advertising Arts, San Diego, USA.

She is not affiliated with other members of the Board of Commissioners, and Board of Directors.

Ella Kartika - Director

Ella Kartika

An Indonesian citizen born in 1969. Ella Kartika was appointed as Director based on the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders dated October 30, 2014, and was formalized in the Deed
of Statement of Meeting Resolution No. 126 dated October 30 of the same year.

She is responsible in overseeing the operational aspects of the Company. She joined the Company in 2008 and has been holding senior roles in television programming and production, as well as sales and marketing within the Company’s subsidiaries. Currently, she also serves as Commissioner of PT Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI),
PT Global Informasi Bermutu (GTV), and PT MNC Televisi Network (iNews). She is also Vice President Director of PT MNC Pictures and PT Mediate Indonesia, President Director of MNC Lisensi Internasional, PT Asia Media Productions, PT Multi Media Integrasi and PT MNC Studios International.

She was previously assigned as Sales and Marketing Director for GTV in 2008. She became GTV’s Programming and Production Director two years later. In 2011, she moved to RCTI as Programming and Production Director, and in 2013, she returned to GTV as Managing Director.

She received her Master of Management degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Indonesia in 2000.

She is not affiliated with other members of the Board of Commissioners, and Board of Directors.

Ruby Panjaitan - Director

Ruby Panjaitan

An Indonesian citizen born in Padang in 1969, Ruby Panjaitan was appointed Director of the Company during the General Meeting of Shareholders held on Juni 26, 2018, effective as of July 31, 2018 in accordance with the Deed of Meeting Resolution No. 19 dated August 7, 2018.

Prior to his position as Director of the Company, he held a number of key positions within the MNC Group, as well as outside the Group, including Director of iNews and TV Bursa in 2017-2018, Directory of PT CTPI or MNCTV from 2009 – 2018, Director of PT Media Nusantara Informasi or Koran Sindo in 2008 - 2009, and in the same year he served as Director of PT Hikmat Makna Aksara or Majalah Trust, after being Head of Finance of PT MNC Tbk and PT Global Mediacom Tbk in 2007 – 2008. He began his career in 1994 with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Indonesia, where he worked until 2006.

He obtained his Master in Management (MM)/MBA from the Institute of Management Development of Indonesia (IPMI) Business School. 

He is not affiliated with other members of the Board of Commissioners, and Board of Directors.

Gwenarty Setiadi - Director

Gwenarty Setiadi

An Indonesian citizen born in 1962, Gwenarty Setiadi had served as Director of the Company based on the decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders dated September 30, 2016, which was formalized in the Deed of Statement of Meeting Resolution No. 70 dated September 30 of the same year. She has more than 30 years of experience in Human Resources Development, Compliance and Sales and Marketing. She joined PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk as General Manager of Human Resources and General Services in 2008, and rose to the position of Director of Human Resources and General Services at PT MNC Sky Vision Tbk in 2009.

Her designations before she joined the Company were served multiple roles at Citibank in 1998–2008 such as Head of Recruitment and Training, Head of Country HR Outsourcing Management, Head of Direct Sales Training Academy and HRRM, VP Merchant Business and VP Rewards & Loyalty. She added 10 more years of experience by immersing herself in B-to-B express delivery and poultry business.
She is responsible for HR related matters including hiring professional talents, and establishing as well as reviewing business processes across the Company’s subsidiaries.

She graduated from the University of Satya Wacana with a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture in 1986.

She is not affiliated with other members of the Board of Commissioners, and Board of Directors.

Noersing - Director


An Indonesian citizen, born in Teluk Betung in 1969, Noersing serves as Director of PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk.

Currently, he serves as Managing Director of RCTI (Jan 2020-present), Managing Director of MNCTV (2015-present) and Production Director at RCTI, MNCTV and GTV (2017-present). He also serves as President Commissioner of PT MNC Studios International Tbk (2018-present).

Previously, he was President Director of iNews TV (PT Sun Televisi Network) (2016-2017), Executive Director of the Salim Group (namely PT. Indopoly Swakarsa Industry Tbk. and PT Supernova) (2014-2015), President Director and Chief Executive Officer of Omni Hospitals Group (namely PT Sarana Meditama Metropolitan Tbk.) (2010-2014), President Director of PT. Bank Commonwealth (2008-2009), Director of Sales and Services of PT. Bank Commonwealth (2006-2007), Chief Financial Officer of PT. Bank Commonwealth (2003-2005), Chief Financial Officer of KIA Ceramics Group of Companies (2000-2003), Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of The Lion Group-Indonesia Region (1995-1999), and Associate Manager of Arthur Andersen & Co. (1991-1995).

He obtained his Master of Business Administration degree in 2000 from Monash University, Melbourne and bachelor’s degree in Economics, majoring in Accounting from Tarumanegara University, Jakarta in 1991.

He is not affiliated with other members of the Board of Commissioners, and Board of Directors.