1. 2021

    • The Company through its subsidiary, PT MNC Digital Entertainment Tbk (formerly PT MNC Studios International Tbk) (MSIN), officially started the construction of Movieland in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of MNC Lido City, Bogor Regency, West Java.
    • The drama series "Ikatan Cinta" which aired on the Company's FTA TV station RCTI received an award from MURI as the Prime Time Series with Highest Audience Share (above 40 percent in a row in 100 days).
    • The four FTA TV stations owned by the Company, namely RCTI, MNCTV, GTV, and iNews began digital broadcasting (simulcast) in the service areas of Medan, Semarang, Surabaya, and Banjarmasin.
    • PT MNC Portal Indonesia, a business unit of the Company, launched 4 new online portals, namely idxchannel.com (economy, business, finance, and capital market), celebrities.id (information/entertainment news) and sportstars.id (information/news about sports), and lastly, BuddyKu, an AI based news portal platform, where its content derived from the Group’s online portals, other publishers, and content generated by users.
    • The Company, through its business unit MNC Licensing, launched the Bima S toy.
    • The Company distributed a final cash dividend of Rp8 per share or equivalent to a total value of Rp120,398,301,680 at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for Financial Year 2020.
    • The Company made changes to the composition of the Board of Directors and Commissioners through the approval of shareholders at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for Financial Year 2020. These changes were made to strengthen the structure, boost performance, and optimize the digital ecosystem and technology of the Company.
    • The Company stopped the broadcast of its FTA TV channels, namely RCTI, GTV, MNCTV, and iNews on third-party streaming platforms and started to broadcast exclusively on RCTI+ and Vision+. This was to optimize FTA TV channels on the RCTI+ and Vision+ platforms and to make a significant contribution to traffic, engagement, and time spent by users on the two OTT Group platforms.
  2. 2020

    • MNC Animation and MNC Pictures convened a gala premiere of an animation movie, "Titus: Mystery of the Enigma", aired and entertained Indonesian families on January 9, 2020.
    • MNC Group inaugurated its predicate as the Official Broadcaster of Euro 2020, attended by Portuguese football legend, Luis Figo, at MNC Tower, Jakarta
    • RCTI convened the 2020 Billboard Indonesia Music Awards, a music award event organized by RCTI and Billboard Indonesia. It was held at RCTI Studio Jakarta, presenting numerous performance from Indonesian musicians and singers.
    • iNews convened the “Indonesia Awards 2020” with the theme “KEBANGGAAN INDONESIA”, involving the Honorary Judges of the Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Airlangga Hartarto, the Coordinating Minister for PMK RI, Muhadjir Effendy, and the Executive Chairman of MNC Group, Hary Tanoesoedibjo.
    • The Company's super-app application, RCTI+, officially launched two new features, namely the UGC (user generated content) competition and games.
    • The Company launched a new advertising solution called e-TV Mall, this allows TV viewers to buy e-vouchers from advertisements on our 4 FTA channels from their homes during commercial breaks through advertisements with QRIS placed on advertising materials.
    • The Company expanded its social media operations by collaborating with Facebook and TikTok in July and September 2021 to monetize the Company's content library and also for third party content creators under MNCN's MCN (multi-channel network) operation. 
    • Establishment of MNC Portal Indonesia, the holding company for all of the Company's online portals that integrates all operational lines with the intention to improve content quality, speed in delivering news, and content exclusivity.
  3. 2019

    • RCTI+ is officially launched, the Over the Top (OTT) streaming service broadcasts live shows on four television stations, namely RCTI, MNCTV, GTV and iNews.
    • In mid-December, Media Nusantara Citra signed a memorandum of understanding with Surya Citra Media related to collaborative content creation and joint program production. Content will be displayed on the two issuer’s over the top platforms
    • MNC Infotainment Indonesia (Starpro) held the inauguration ceremony for the new office at iNews Center Building, Jakarta
    • MNC Media became the 30th official SEA Games broadcaster in the Philippines.
    • MNC Group celebrates its 30th anniversary at Plaza Timur Senayan, Jakarta.
    • PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (“MNCN” or “the Company”) has secured an agreement to exclusively broadcast AFC competitions 2020 – 2024 on its FTA televisions.
    • PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (MNCN) has decided to distribute cash dividends of Rp214 billion or equivalent to Rp15 per share at the 2019 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS)
    • MNC Media launched the “2020 Election” program to welcome the regional elections (Pilkada) simultaneously in 2020. Through the “2020 People Election” program, the media under MNC Group will broadcast the 2020 Pilkada news to the public.
    • The RCTI+ Studio was first officially used on September 24, 2019 for the Indonesian Television Awards. RCTI+ Studio is one of the largest studios in Asia with 2,200 capacity’s seats and 350 festivals.
  4. 2018

    • iNews launches iNews.id, an online news portal that synergizes and complements iNews television programs.
    • PT MNC Studios International (MSI) issues an Initial Public Offering (IPO). MSI is the leading and largest content company in the Asia Pacific.
    • MNC Pictures inaugurates MNC Pictures Building at MNC Studio, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.
    • IDX Channel holds a launch party for the New Look channel and idxchannel.tv portal.
    • RCTI and Miss Indonesia 2018 Alya Nurshabrina officiate an inscription signing ceremony for the “MCK Communal and Clean Water Resources” for the Cimenyan area, Bandung.
    • SINDONews.com portal launches the ‘Pilkada’ Channel, a special channel that airs the local election process in various regions.
  5. 2017

    • GlobalTV rebranded and launched new logo as GTV.
    • iNewsTV rebranded and launched new logo as iNews.
    • iNews as FTA Broadcaster the Indonesia Basketball League (IBL) 2017.
    • MNCTV conducts the first shooting of Indonesia Takeshi’s Castle.
    • MNC Animation and Chaos Group signed a MoU to support the Animation Development Program (ADP).
    • Brand Outlet was rebranded to The F Thing.
    • GTV is the first TV station in Asia to air “The Next Boy/Girl Band” show following its success in the Netherlands.
    • Star Musik Nusantara (SMN) hosts the inauguration of the Lembaga Manajemen Kolektif Nasional (LMKN) named as Star Musik Indonesia.
    • MNCTV airs a world-class reality show “The Apartment Indonesia”.
    • MNC Animation launched an animation program called Zak Storm.
    • RCTI is the official broadcaster for the senior national team and U-23 football competition.
  6. 2016

    • Animation series KIKO Season 2 premiered on RCTI.
    • Inauguration of RCTI, MNCTV, and GlobalTV office, and studio recognized as MNC Studios in Kebon Jeruk.
    • iNewsTV officially broadcasted in Solo and surrounding areas, viewed through Channel 45 UHF.
    • MNC Media signed MoU between MNC and KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency).
    • MNCN signed MoU with Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Korea, for production, drama, animation for TV content.
    • Brand Outlet held the “Soft Launch of brandoutlet.co.id” Brand Outlet is the first fashion e-commerce from MNC, offering various local and international labels in fashion and beauty.
  7. 2015

    • SindoTV changed its name to iNewsTV as the fourth national network TV owned by MNCN.
    • MNCN launched IBCM (Indonesia Bussiness Capital Market) Channel.
    • MNC Auto & Gadget start to broadcasted on Channel 108.
    • Games Channel broadcasted for the first time on Channel 105.
    • RCTI achieve 3 awards in Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Awards 2015.
    • Di Balik 98 win Indonesian Movie Award 2015 by the Most Favourite Movie Category.
  8. 2014

    • MNCN launched its fourth national TV station, SINDO TV.
    • MNC Channels introduced MNC Home & Living and MNC Health & Beauty.
    • RCTI celebrated its 25th anniversary.
    • Soft launching Walk In Centre Play Media at MNC Plaza ground floor.
    • SINDO launched Koran Sindo in Manado.
    • MNC Health & Beauty launches exclusively on Channel 78.
    • MNC Launched MNC Home and Living on Channel 79.
  9. 2013

    • The new GlobalTV building at Kebon Jeruk had its topping off ceremony.
    • The new MNC Media Tower had its groundbreaking ceremony.
  10. 2012

    • MNCN distributed dividends of Rp35 per share for total value of Rp488.16 billion.
    • MNC International Ltd transferred ownership of its entire investment in Linktone to Global Mediacom International Ltd.
    • MNCN signed a credit and fiducia agreement with PT Bank Pem-bangunan Daerah Jawa Barat & Banten, Tbk (Bank BJB) in the amount of Rp300 billion, for investment use.
    • MNC Comedy, MNC Drama, MNC Infotainment, MNC Movie, MNC Fashion and Golf Channel launched on Indovision.
    • Sindo Trijaya Networks expanded its network to Jambi, Ternate, Melawi,West Kalimantan and Bau Bau,Southeast Sulawesi.
    • Sindo FM rebranded as Sindo Trijaya FM.
    • Linktone acquired Okezone.com
  11. 2011

    • Sindo Media launched as the first media platform under the new Sindo brand.
    • Radio Trijaya rebranded as Radio Sindo.
    • MNC Muslim launched on Indovision, featuring programs about the Muslim faith.
    • The MNC Business English program launched on Indovision
    • MNC Sports 1 and MNC Sports 2 launched on Indovision.
  12. 2010

    • Linktone acquired a controlling stake in Letang Game Ltd, a mobile and PC online games provider company based in China.
    • MNCN and Linktone together acquired an 87.5% stake in InnoForm Media Pte Ltd. MNCN purchased a 12.5% stake and Linktone purchased a 75% stake.
    • Just For Kids magazine was launched.
    • TPI was re-branded as MNCTV on 20th October 2010.
    • MNCN distributed dividends of Rp7 per share, with a total value of Rp93.99 billion.
    • V Radio launched.
  13. 2009

    • MNC VAS began its collaboration with Linktone in Indonesia.
    • The Seputar Indonesia daily newspaper and the tabloid Genie relaunched with new branding and design.
    • MNCN established the SMART Alliance with five other major media companies in Southeast Asia, with the mission of creating commercial benefits for its members.
    • MNCN introduced a new logo and the Company head office building was renamed from ‘Menara Kebon Sirih’ to
      ‘MNC Tower’.
    • MNCN distributed dividends of Rp5 per share, with a total value of Rp68.15 billion
  14. 2008

    • RCTI paid off its outstanding bondsin the amount of Rp220 billion.
    • MNCN distributed dividends of Rp5 per share with a total value of Rp68.75 billion.
    • MNC’s The Indonesian Channel commenced broadcasting in the Middle East to a potential audience of 3.5 million Indonesians.
  15. 2007

    • MNCN launched the online news and entertainment service Okezone.com.
    • MNCN completed an initial public offering of shares on the Indonesian Stock Exchange.
    • MNCN redeemed US$25 million of its total US$168 million Eurobond, at the price of 101%.
    • MNCN entered into an agreement with Linktone Ltd to acquire no less than 51% of Linktone’s shares,through
      a combination of a tender offer of the American Depository Receipt (ADR) and subscription to new shares.
  16. 2006

    • MNCN started the commercial operation of SMS Call TV as a value added service to viewers.
    • GlobalTV began broadcasting Nickelodeon programs for children exclusively in Indonesia, 8 hours a day.
    • MNCN launched MNC News.
    • MNC Entertainment, a television channel produced entirely by MNC’s Content Business unit was launched on MSV’s Indovison – the Group’s subscription based Satellite television service.
    • MNCN acquired 75% of MNCTV’s shares and launched MNC Entertainment through Indovision.
    • MNC launched the tabloid Mom&Kiddie.
    • MNC BV issued guaranteed secure bonds with a nominal value of US$168,000,000 to international investors.
  17. 2005

    • MNCN began distributing content to third parties.
    • GlobalTV broadened its focus to include young people and young families.
    • MNCN increased its stake in GlobalTV to 100%.
    • PT Media Nusantara Informasi was established and launched the Seputar Indonesia newspaper.
    • PT MNC Networks was established, with 4 radio stations under its management.
    • MNCN acquired PT MNI Global (MNI Global), the publisher of the weekly tabloid Genie.
  18. 2004

    • MNCN began developing its content library through in-house production and acquisition of programs from third
    • MNC acquired RCTI.
  19. 2002

    • PT Global Informasi Bermutu (GlobalTV) was consolidated into MNCN and commenced the broadcasting of MTV Asia’s programs exclusively in Indonesia ona 24-hour basis.TV station in Indonesia.
  20. 2001

    • MNCN acquired 70% of GlobalTV’s shares.
  21. 1997

    • MNCN was established as a holding company in Content and Advertising based media.
  22. 1990

    • PT Cipta Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia (MNCTV, formerly known as TPI) was established as the third private national TV station in Indonesia.
  23. 1987

    • PT Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI) was established as the first private national TV station in Indonesia.