Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk

The Company believes that it is the duty and delight of all corporations to take part in contributing towards the good of the community, and is committed to engage in various activities that are aimed at addressing social challenges in Indonesia. Now widely recognized by the brand MNC Peduli, Yayasan Jalinan Kasih was legally established as a foundation with the goal of becoming the philanthropic vehicle of MNC Group.

Under the auspices of the Company, MNC Peduli has implemented various social initiatives, including in the provision and support of infrastructure, education, healthcare, sports, first-response to natural disasters, as well as other social services. In order to elevate the standard of living of rural communities, the foundation had contributed in the building of bridges, libraries, as well as public toilets. MNC Peduli has also provided healthcare to approximately 700,000 individual patients in underprivileged communities, through free medical check-ups, as well as surgical procedures for people with cleft lips, hernia and cataracts. The foundation also seeks to empower people with disability by providing hearing aids, wheelchairs and prosthetics. As a part of the most integrated media company in South East Asia, MNC Peduli also effectively collects first-response aid for victims of natural disasters through its national televisions, radio networks, newspapers and online media.

In 2019, MNC Peduli engaged in the following social activities:


  • Blood donor activities for MNC Media employees.
  • Talkshow about eye health and free eye examinations in Jakarta.
  • Free eye examination in the framework of MNCTV Anniversary in Bantar Gebang - Tangerang.
  • Free health check-ups and treatment in Tangerang, Banten, Bogor, Serang and Tasik.
  • Baksos eye examination in the framework of MNC TV's anniversary at a university in Jakarta.


  • Assistance in making water channel grilles in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta.
  • Assistance for the construction of clean water facilities, toilets and social services in Baduy, Ciboleger.
  • Construction of a bridge and 60 shoes for student in Cigobang-Cirebon.


  • A contribution for joint fishing activities to enliven the MNC Group's 29th Anniversary.
  • Contribution to the tradition house of Singkup Village, Cirebon.
  • Camping activities with 100 orphans in South Tangerang.
  • Play with 30 children with cancer in one of the tourist attractions in Jakarta.
  • Providing free UHT milk to several schools and orphanages in the Jakarta and Bogor areas.
  • Contribution of RI 74th Anniversary Activities TX Kediri, Malang, Pontianak, Yogyakarta and Bengkulu.
  • Media Literacy MNC Media in Welcoming 3TV Anniversary at the University in Jakarta.
  • News Presenter Competition and Seminar at the University in Jakarta.
  • Provision of plant seeds in Kampung Naga, Tasikmalaya.
  • Dissemination of Health Education and Eye Examination in Joglo - Jakarta elementary school.
  • Mangrove planting and beach clean-up on Sangiang Island, Ujung Kulon.


  • Ramadan Donations to the MNC Kebon Sirih Mosque, Jakarta.
  • THR contribution to the MNC Studios security team 2019.
  • Breaking fast with orphans at Masjid Raudatul Jannah-MNC Studios.
  • Clothing assistance for orphans at the Orphanage, Central Jakarta.