In order to implement the principles of Good Corporate Governance, the Company developed the Code of Conduct, a guideline for outlining work ethics and business ethics into standards of behavior for each individual within the Company. It serves to ensure that each individual in the Company complies with regulations and related legislations.
By implementing the code of conduct, the Company is expected to become a business entity that brings benefits to both shareholders and stakeholders in Indonesia. Consequently, the Company shall have healthy and sustainable growth.


As the number one media group, the Company recognizes the importance of its cultural values to be adopted by all
individuals in the Company. The cultural values become uniquely competitive advantages and have positive impacts
on the Company’s performance. It is believed that the cultural values of the Company would continuously drive the Company as the number one media group. 
The Company culture is composed of four (4) core values: Vision, Quality, Speed, and Determination. The four (4) work values become the identity of the Company as reflected in the performance of every individual contributing to the Company, in accordance with their respective fields and capacities. Implementation of the cultural values of work consists of 4 (four) culture drivers: Leadership, Human Capital, Team Work, and Structure and Performance. Cultural socialization and internalization have been integrated in the orientation program for new employees during their first day of joining the Company.
The implementation and communication of cultural values are also continuously done in all levels of organization by using all business unit leaders as role models.

Obligations of the Company

  • Equal Employment Opportunity

    The Company is fully committed in implementing equal employment opportunity.
    Employees development plans are always based on skills and performance.
    The Company together with Employees must create and provide a productive, innovative, fair and pleasant work place for the success of the organization as well as for career development and welfare of all Employees.
    Actions against Employees who make a report on unfair employment, is prohibited.

  • Discrimination, Harassment and Intimidation

    Employees diversity is critical in achieving the vision of the Company as a leading integrated media company. The Company is determined to support the practices of non-discrimination and respect for all religions and religious practices for all Employees.
    The Company prohibits any form of harassment or intimidation, whether committed by or against a manager, co-worker, customer, vendor or visitor. Discrimination and harassment, whether based on race, sex, color, religion, national origin, citizenship status, age, gender, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, ancestry origin, veteran status or socioeconomic status, are not acceptable and not in accordance with the culture of the Company in providing a respectful, professional and dignified workplace.

  • A Safe and Drug-Free Workplace

    The company must establish a healthy and productive drug-free work environment. To sell, distribute, use or be under the influence of illegal drugs at work, is prohibited.

Obligations of the Employees

  • Submission of Complaints and Ethical Issues

    Each party in the Company is responsible for maintaining the highest ethical standards.
    Employees are expected to adhere to ethical standards as the major factor in any responsibility in their work process in the Company.
    This Code of Conduct is intended as general guidelines in the work process, however in case where employees feel uncertain about what to do in certain situations, it is advisable to seek advice and additional information from their Manager or HR Manager.
    In situations where employees suspect a violation of the laws, rules or regulations of the Company, Employees must immediately report their suspicion to their Manager, Business Unit Head or HR Manager or the existing Internal Audit representative.

  • Conflict of Interest

    Employees must avoid any personal conflicts or conflicts with their duties and responsibilities to the Company.
    Situations may arise where conflicts may occur and can be avoided, unless such conflicts have been approved in advance by the Senior Management Committee.
    In this case, the Company relies on Employees commitment to uphold the highest ethical standards with professional conduct. It is possible that each Business Unit has its own policies to anticipate a particular conflict of interest in its Business Unit.

  • Relationships with Third Parties

    Fair Treatment
    The Company is committed to maintain fairness in dealing with all of its customers, suppliers, competitors and Employees.

    Gifts and Entertainment
    In general, Employees are not allowed to receive gifts, services, loans, or preferential treatments from any party whatsoever - whether it be from customers or suppliers or other parties - in return for a business relationship in the past, present or future with the Company.
    Employees must report any gifts and entertainment received in the Gift & Entertainment Form.
    If the gift received is in the form of food or beverages, it must be shared with other employees.

    Relationships with Suppliers
    All purchases of goods or service provisions must be based on price, quality, availability, terms and conditions. Therefore, in entering into an agreement with suppliers, the transaction and the price must be based on prudent market practices, through at least 3 (three) suppliers.

  • Privacy

    Rules of Confidentiality
    During the period of employment and after termination of employment from the Company, Employees must maintain and not disclose any proprietary, non-public information and confidential information about the Company, as well as its customers, suppliers and distributors.

    Privacy of Employee Information
    The Company shall protect the privacy and confidentiality of medical and personnel records of Employees. These records must not be disclosed or discussed outside of the Company.
    In certain situations, any request for these records from outside of the Company must be approved by the authorities.