Code of Conduct

In order to implement the principles of Good Corporate Governance, the Company developed the Code of Conduct, a guideline for outlining work ethics and business ethics into standards of behavior for each individual within the Company. It serves to ensure that each individual in the Company complies with regulations and related legislations.

By implementing the code of conduct, the Company is expected to become a business entity that brings benefits to both shareholders and stakeholders in Indonesia. Consequently, the Company shall have healthy and sustainable growth.

The Code of Conduct requires every individual in Company and all business activities that involves the Company to observe the following:
  1. Prevailing laws and regulations.
  2. Applicable regulations in Company.
  3. Applicable regulations and provisions related to third parties and Company’s business activities.
The Company has disseminated the Code of Conduct to all employees and published in Employee Portal that is accessible to all employee.


As the number one media group, the Company recognizes the importance of its cultural values to be adopted by all individuals in the Company. The cultural values become uniquely competitive advantages and have positive impacts on the Company's performance. It is believed that the cultural values of the Company would continuously drive the Company as the number one media group.

The Company culture is composed of four (4) core values: Vision, Quality, Speed, and Determination. The four (4) work values become the identity of the Company as reflected in the performance of every individual contributing to the Company, in accordance with their respective fields and capacities.

Implementation of the cultural values of work consists of 4 (four) culture drivers: Leadership, Human Capital, Team Work, and Structure and Performance.

Cultural socialization and internalization have been integrated in the orientation program for new employees during their first day of joining the Company.

The implementation and communication of cultural values are also continuously done in all levels of organization by using all business unit leaders as role models.