• TOP CSR Awards 2024 Appreciation of MNC Group's CSR Program

    07 June 2024

    Jakarta – MNC Group, which is an investment group with 4 strategic businesses: Media & Entertainment, Financial Services, Entertainment Hospitality and Energy won the 2024 TOP CSR Awards held by Top Business Magazine with the theme "CSR & ESG Innovation Programs for Sustainable Business Growth".

    Held at the Raffles Hotel Jakarta on Wednesday (29/5/2024), MNC Group through MNC Peduli received an award as TOP CSR Awards 2024 # Star 5 and MNC Group Executive Chairman Hary Tanoesoedibjo. achieved Top Leader on CSR Commitment 2024.

    M. Lutfi Handayani as Chair of Organizers of the 2024 TOP CSR Awards and also Chief Editor of Top Business Magazine explained that the awards were held to encourage companies in Indonesia to continue to improve the quality and effectiveness in carrying out CSR programs so that they can support the company's sustainable business growth strategy.

    "The TOP CSR Awards activity has been held since 2017. The TOP CSR Awards activity is the highest, largest and most proud assessment and award activity in Indonesia. "This activity is given to companies and agencies that are considered successful in implementing CSR programs in the form of supporting sustainable company business growth," said M. Lutfi Handayani.

    M. Lutfi Handayani also appreciated the progress of the MNC Group CSR program. "It is extraordinary that over time the MNC Group CSR program continues to experience improvement, especially in supporting the socialization of care programs for the community and the environment. We hope that in the future the MNC Group will increasingly involve stakeholders inside and outside the MNC Group to continue collaborating in implementing CSR programs. In the future, MNC Group also hopes to be a collaborator in creating a CSR synergy, managing CSR funds and programs to overcome common problems by collaborating with companies within the MNC Group as well as affiliated and partner companies.

    When met at the awards ceremony, Head of CSR MNC Group, Tengku Havid, expressed his thanks to the organizers and the jury. "Thank you for the appreciation from the jury and organizers who have appreciated MNC Group's CSR activities through MNC Peduli," he said.

    Furthermore, Tengku Havid also said that this award could also provide encouragement to be able to carry out many more useful CSR programs in the future.

    One of the CSR programs implemented is "MNC Center towards Zero Waste Office Environment" where MNC Peduli processes office waste, both organic, non-organic and liquid waste, so that it can be reused. One example, more than 12 tonnes of organic waste has been processed into fertilizer and fish feed through the bio conversion process of black soldier fly maggots.

    Apart from that, MNC Peduli is also active in preventing malnutrition and stunting through mentoring, providing nutritious food, routine checks on babies and toddlers and counseling. This program has been implemented in various locations from Jakarta to the 3T area by collaborating with business partners, posyandu, health services and the ministry of health.

    MNC Group also intensifies the spirit of literacy by supporting community reading parks in various cities in Indonesia. This program is carried out by providing reading garden equipment, books and literacy activities for children.