Established on 24 August 1989, RCTI is currently Indonesia’s most-watched and widely broadcasted Free-to-Air (FTA) TV station. As the largest national FTA TV station, RCTI offers an extensive array of diverse programs including drama series, box office movies, sports events, talent search, reality and music shows, anniversary and awards programs, and various infotainments.

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    A national FTA station established on January 23, 1991, MNCTV caters to a broad range of demographic segments by airing family drama, animation, sports programs and variety shows.
    MNCTV enjoyed a strong year by providing value to key advertising segments that targeted kids and family demographics.

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  • GTV

    Formerly known as GlobalTV when it was established on March 22, 1999, the Company rebranded GlobalTV to GTV in December 2017. In doing so, it also revamped its position as a national FTA network targeting a young modern family demographic. The channel’s programming focuses on animation, variety shows, reality shows, gameshows and talent search programs.

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  • iNews

    As one of the leading news TV stations in the country, iNews offers exciting programs while maintaining operational efficiency. To increase ratings and viewership, iNews currently airs its news program across MNCN entertainment FTA TV, namely RCTI, MNCTV and GTV.
    By delivering cutting edge factual programming and sports to Indonesian audiences, iNews is the only news TV that captures audiences across other TV platforms.

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